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(email recieved March 7 2013)
To the Widman Family,

Thank you for producing such high quality birds and eggs (and delivering them to Issaquah!).  I and my family sincerely appreciate your local sourcing, and high quality feed for your birds.  We thoroughly enjoy consuming your farm products and know that we are healthier and happier for it.  And I want to emphasize healthier, keeping the GMOs, corn and soy out of the feed allows us to consume your products.  Your flavor and quality are unparalleled here in the northwest.

With Sincere Gratitude,
Diana Callaway,

(email Oct. 01 2012)

I bought your eggs and 1/2 a chicken this Saturday at PCC in Issaquah.  I have not had eggs that tasted so good since my Aunts farm in Vermont, we had your chicken tonight for dinner roasted very simply with rosemary salt and pepper, my 6 year old said Mama this is like Christmas dinner.  The flavor was a revelation I have not had chicken so juicy and delicious since I was a child, which brings me to my next question.  I would like a turkey for Christmas.  How can I go about ordering one?  Thank you for such an amazing and delicious product.

Jessica Farren