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Our Family

We can trace our family origins back to 7:45 a.m., Hulbert Hall, January 2000, Washington State University, Natural Resource law taught by Ray Huffaker.  That fateful morning, I saw the skies part, a ray of light shine down, a chorus of angels began to sing (or was it Barry White) at the first glimpse of the then Emmy Sunleaf.  After at least five rejections, Emmy finally agreed to a date chaperoned by her kick-boxing, combat-boot wearing friend.  Two years later we were married and can now boast 3 children, 1300+ or - chickens, 130 ducks, 200+ or- game birds, a donkey, mule, horse, 4 dogs, 4 cats, and a large food bill.

We have a very active life together.  My winter duties are centered around the heavy lifting portion of our farm work, such as building pens and working on machinery.  In a complementary contrast,  Emmy employs her accounting background and business development skills while raising our three kids and making our house a home.    When the weather warms I spend the majority of my time in the fields.   Luckily Emmy picks up the slack with many of the daily chores, and especially in the processing of some 300 birds per week.

Emmy grew up on a squab farm in the Columbia Basin near a town named Mesa.  She worked on her family's bird processing line from the age of 11 and made some of her fondest childhood memories among the flying feathers.  She now heads a crew of four people on her own processing line.  Emmy enjoys gardening, farming, animals and writing, and most of all being a mom to our kids Angelina, Reed, and Sonia.
  She also spent ten years working for the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine where she wrote hundreds of equine and small animal health articles for the newsletters she produced for the college.  While not a veterinarian, she could tell you about colic and founder in horses to kitten and puppy care, geriatric care for older pets, and what vaccines pets should have and when.

I grew up in the Palouse and will hopefully always call it home.  After high school I took advantage of an exchange program that landed me (as a hired hand) on a sheep and crop farm in New Zealand for seven months.  When I returned, I enrolled at Spokane Community College, then WSU, and earned a degree in Agricultural Economics - a degree that Emmy also holds.  I enjoy farming and the outdoors.  I especially enjoy my German Shorthair Pointers, and hunting trips with good friends throughout the Pacific  Northwest.

Our children start with Angelina, who began kindergarten this year.  She loves our small local school and springs out of bed in the morning to meet the bus.  Our little boy, Reed, is not big enough for school yet, but loves the farm, birds, mud, baby chicks, and puppies.  He also loves trips to Grammy's farm, where he helps Grampy catch squab and fluff grain feeders.  Sonia is a few months old and really just loves Emmy.

When you buy a bird or eggs from Palouse Pastured Poultry, you not only get the best, freshest product available, you make our family and life style possible. 
THANK YOU,  Allen Widman