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Here at Palouse Pastured Poultry, our farming roots run five generations deep.  We respect and appreciate the fact that modern agriculture's efficiencies and technologies feed the world.  It is not our intent to disparage or compete with those enterprises.  What we offer is an absolute commitment to producing the best free-range products available and possible - products that people don't have to question -  products that stand alone in wholesomeness via top to bottom quality control.  This commitment necessitates the processing of our own corn free soy free GMO free feed. 
     Unfortunately, the USDA has found it acceptable to certify ORGANIC feed that has its origin in foreign countries most often China and India. Further the USDA allows up to %5 GMO contamination in corn and Soy and still be certified organic.  Many, if not all, organic poultry operations and feed manufactures take advantage of these low price inputs.  Not here!
  We literally go the extra mile collecting samples raising and purchasing only the best U.S. grown non GMO ingredients for our rations - 99% of which are grown between eastern Washington and western Montana.  With the help from mother natures range land and a near sage animal nutritionist at Wolfkill Feed and Fertilizer/ Othello, Wash., we create gourmet quality birds and eggs from these ultra premium ingredients.



The high quality of our products is in large part due to the size and scope of our operation.  From the day our birds are hatched to the day they are put on ice, we personally provide the care, feeding, processing, and transportation in every step of production.  We like to think of ourselves as the Goldie Locks selection of free range poultry- large enough to provide quality feed and care, yet small enough to be the people doing the work along the way.  

Beyond the prepared ration, our birds forage for their meals.  We have gone to great expense to build a fully enclosed 100x150 foot pen.  This provides absolute protection from predators, as well as sunlight, green grass, dust baths, insects, and room to roam.

Further, we are able to utilize more acres and employ best pasture management practices through the use of chicken tractors, and portable electric fencing on our grass and non gmo clover pastures.