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509-523-4833     W. Babb Rd., Rosalia, WA 99170

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Call us at (509) 523-4833
4 West Babb Rd.
Rosalia, WA 99170

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PCC Natural Markets

Main Market CO-OP
44 W Main, Spokane 509-458-2667

Eggers Better Meats and Seafood
South 5613 Perry St.
Spokane, WA  99223
Phone:  (509) 448-5474
10629 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley

Huckelberry's Natural Market South Hill
2610 E. 29th Ave.
Spokane, WA 99223-4870
(509) 535-3683

Zupan's Market Portland

Directions from Spokane

1.  Follow I-90 either into or out of Spokane on the west side.
2.  Take Exit 279 toward Colfax/Pullman to enter onto US-195 S.
3.  Travel south on US-195  for 25 miles and exit highway right at the plaza off ramp.
4.  Turn left at the end of the off ramp onto Cheney Plaza Rd. and go about 1/10th mile till you get to a stop sign.
5.  Turn right onto Old-195 South and travel 2.8 miles to Babb Rd.
6.  Turn right onto Babb Rd. and travel 2.4 miles to 4 W. Babb Rd.
7.  Take a left down our driveway-it is marked with a large sign and mailbox with a pheasant on it.
Directions from Pullman and South 195

1.  Travel North on US 195 40 miles from Pullman.
2.  Take WA-271 off ramp towards Rosalia/Oaksdale and turn left onto WA-27, which becomes Old State Hwy.
3.  Travel 2 miles into Rosalia and drive straight through town without turning ( about 2 more miles).
4.  Once you pass through town Old State Hwy becomes Old 195 travel, straight on this road another 2 miles until you come to Babb Rd.
5.  Turn left on Babb Rd. and travel another 2.4 miles to 4 W. Babb Rd.
6.  Take a left down our driveway it is marked with a large sign, and a pheasant on the mail box.

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